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Genius Games, LLC

Dr Livingstons Eye Puzzle

Dr Livingstons Eye Puzzle

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Assemble the human eye at over 2000% magnification! Each piece is custom cut, making for a unique puzzle to put together. Featuring accurate medical science and human anatomy, this puzzle helps highlight the complexities of our bodies and what makes us up.

In this volume, you’ll assemble an accurate cross-cut section of the eye that gives you a detailed interior view from the lateral rectus muscle to the cornea.

Focusing on our windows to the world, this puzzle illuminates the many specialized parts that empower us to see. Look through the lens that, along with the cornea, allows light into the eye and focuses its rays onto the retina, a nerve layer that contains photosensitive cells. Observe the iris and pupil that act like a camera’s diaphragm and aperture to adjust to our surroundings and control the amount of light we take in. Marvel at the macula that gives detailed clarity to our sight. Find the optical nerve, the sum of more than a million fibers that transmit impulses from the retina to the visual cortex. Track the extraocular muscles that rotate our eyes and expand our field of vision. When finished assembling these exquisite pieces, you will be in awe of your accomplishment and your body’s complexity.


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